The philosophy of education is all around us! We have curated a list of some of our favorite websites that address moral and ethical issues in education.

Charter Schools in Perspective: This collaborative effort between the Spencer Foundation and Public Agenda seeks to inform public debate and conversations abut charter school policy. The site contains current research and discussion strategies for weighing evidence and competing values within various aspects of charter school debates. Be sure to explore the discussion activities used in the Discipline Dialogue area of the website.

Justice: Harvard philosophy professor Michael Sandel has recorded a set of lectures from his wildly popular undergraduate course on justice. The site contains 12 class sessions in which Sandel teaches a philosophic point and then engages students in a discussion of the competing views. Includes links to readings and discussion guides.

Justice in Schools: This project, directed by Professor Meira Levinson at Harvard, uses normative case studies to consider issues of educational justice that teachers, administrators, and policymakers are likely to confront. The site provides a set of empirically grounded cases and resources about how to effectively facilitate the discussion.

Stanford Equality of Opportunity: The purpose of this website is to serve as a resource for academics, college and graduate students, teachers, school administrators, and interested citizens to learn about philosophical debates about equality of opportunity, and what these debates mean for the public provision of education. 

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