Measuring Good Teaching

February 22 and 23, 2019

This initiative explores a set of issues that center around practices of teacher evaluation, asking participants to bring to bear some work in the philosophy of social science and moral philosophy to think about how we do and how we ought to define, measure and evaluate good teaching. In particular, we discussed how particular conceptions of what the activity of teaching is shape how we define and try to evaluate good teaching, what happens when there is a mismatch between teacher’s own sense of what they are doing and the conception of their activity that shapes their evaluations. The first meeting was held in Denver in February of 2019. The discussions yielded an ongoing list of further questions participants were interested in exploring. We plan to hold a follow up meeting late in 2020 to workshop some of the results. One project that grew out of those discussions, concerning how to identify and evaluate good schools, is one we hope to explore as a new Center initiative.

students in a lecture hall