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Sigal Ben-Porath  00:01

But what is the right way to go?

Carrie Welsh  00:06

You’re listening to Ethics & Education. This season, we’ve been thinking a lot about ethical issues in higher ed. And we’ve been working on a special miniseries, a trilogy, co-produced by Rebecca Taylor and Ashley Floyd Kuntz. Rebecca and Ashley are the editors of a new book, “Ethics in Higher Education: Promoting Equity and Inclusion Through Case-Based Inquiry.” Their book uses cases, or short stories inspired by real events, to help us think through the complex ethical issues in higher ed. Here’s Rebecca.

Rebecca Taylor 00:45

I’m Rebecca Taylor. I’m an assistant professor of education at the University of Illinois. Our book focuses on the ethical issues at stake in university policies and practices.

Ashley Kuntz  00:57

I’m Ashley Floyd Kuntz. I’m a clinical assistant professor at Florida International University. In this audio series, we invited contributors to the book to weigh in on pressing issues impacting college and university campuses. We talk about intellectual diversity…

Sigal Ben-Porath  01:13

This, together, I really think, should be a pressing concern to people who care about teaching and teachers and higher education and really about democratic citizenship more broadly.

Ashley Kuntz  01:27


Corey Reed  01:29

And maybe this is because I’m a Black existentialist, too, but I think is really important for us to think about engaging the students in the essence of their humanity and how they understand their freedom in the moment.

Ashley Kuntz  01:42

…And social media.

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein  01:43

One of the pluses and minuses of social media is that anybody has a microphone. stories get repeated over and over and I think that that is like very clearly like an ethically fraught territory that you’re getting into.

Rebecca Taylor 01:57

We also made teaching guides for each of these episodes with discussion questions, activities and readings.

Ashley Kuntz  02:02

Stay tuned, and thanks for listening