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Event Poster for Inequality and the Public University

Thursday, October 20, 2016

4–5:15 pm, Wisconsin Idea Room, 141 Education Building

Laura Hamilton and Nancy Kendall will each draw upon their research and experiences to answer: How does inequality get reproduced within the university? What, if anything, can universities do to undo, or mitigate, these trends?

Join our public discussion, participate in small group conversations and exchange ideas with the featured speakers.


Laura T. Hamilton, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of California-Merced
Author of Parenting to a Degree and co-author of Paying for the Party
Download Dr. Hamilton’s comments Navigating Non-Ideal Institutions

Nancy Kendall, Associate Professor Educational Policy Studies, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Author of The Sex Education Debates and co-principal investigator of “Constructing Affordability: How Institutional and Relational Contexts Affect Retention of Undergraduates from Low-Income Families.”


Jennifer Morton, Assistant Professor Philosophy, City College of New York