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This piece features two voices: sociologist Dr. Laura T. Hamilton (UC Merced) and philosopher Dr. Kathryn Joyce (Princeton University).
Educational Policy Studies PhD student Abby Beneke (UW-Madison) interviewed Laura when she came to UW in 2019 to give a talk on her book project, Broke: The Racial Consequences of Underfunding Universities, which she co-wrote with Kelly Nielsen.
Dr. Hamilton:
“What I want people to understand is that the hierarchies that we see today are about racial resentment.”
We asked philosopher Kathryn Joyce to respond to Laura’s interview from a lens of relational equality.
Dr. Joyce:
“Addressing racial hierarchies is not primarily a matter of rooting out racists and removing them from positions of power. It’s a matter of eliminating dominant racial ideologies.”
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This episode was produced by Abby Beneke and Carrie Welsh, and mixed and edited by Kellen Sharp.
Recommended Readings:

Broke: The Racial Consequences of Underfunding Universities by Laura T. Hamilton and Kelly Nielsen.

Broke book cover