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“American Limbo” podcast

(Aired February 1, 2001)

Description: This podcast examines cases of people around the world living “off the grid” of American life and takes place through a prologue and three acts. Two acts in this podcast are of interest to philosophers of education. Act I is the story of a family who raised their kids in nature and away from society for seven years. The story follows their transition when they were forced to go back into society. This is particularly interesting for Rousseau and the idea that man and nature is most moral and society corrupts (see Emile and JJR’s “Discourse on Inequality”). Act III investigates the life of Sylvia, a Mexican-American girl who left her family to attend a predominately white school in upstate New York. Act III pairs well with Du Bois’ “The Coming of John,” as it wrestles with the notion that becoming educated can mean being separated from one’s identity and culture.

Topics/Themes: Indoctrination, Progressive education/Free schools