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Where is the contrast between the aims of American prisons and the aims of college in prison programs? This piece is about those ethical dilemmas.

Featuring the voices of: philosophers John Fantuzzo, Jennifer Lackey, and Daniel Wodak; and brothers Freedom and Lee Horton.


– PBS segment about Lee and Freedom: Brotherhood & Clemency Part 1: The Power of a Pardon, Ep. 4.

– Fantuzzo, John P. “Recognizing Human Dignity behind Bars: A Moral Justification for College-in-Prison Programs.” Theory and Research in Education 20, no. 1 (March 2022): 26–43.


Produced by John Fantuzzo, Téa Luckenbill, and Carrie Welsh.

Music is “Built From Nothing” by Ketsa, used under a creative commons license.

Interviews recorded remotely in 2022.

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