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The Center for Ethics and Education creates audio pieces to give faculty and students the tools to bridge philosophy and education. This audio is available for download and is intended for use in undergraduate and graduate education classes, and by anyone interested in ethics and education.

Ethics & Education Podcast:

The Ethics of College in Prison

Where is the contrast between the aims of American prisons and the aims of college in prison programs? This piece is about those ethical dilemmas.

Topics: Higher Education, Pedagogy
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The Plumber Episode

How do you become a better college teacher? In this episode, Harry Brighouse, a professor at UW Madison, and former UW student Grace Gecewicz discuss their experiences with bad teaching and how universities and individuals can improve that for both the teachers and the students.

Topics: Conversation, Higher Education, Pedagogy, Teaching
Additional Features: Recommended Readings

The True Costs of College

The true costs of college go way beyond simple frugality. The costs are serious, and they are often overlooked by universities. Hosted by Natnael Shiferaw, with ethnographers Nancy Kendall and Matthew Wolfgram. Part of our series on the ethics of higher education.

Topics: Higher Education
Additional Features: Recommended Readings

The Ethics of College Admissions

How should we do college admissions? Jon Boeckenstedt, Vice Provost of Enrollment Management at Oregon State University, in conversation with Harry Brighouse.

Topics: Higher Education

The Right to Higher Education

Do we have a right to higher education? With Harry Brighouse and Christopher Martin.

Topics: Higher Education
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What Should the Aims of Higher Education Be?

What should the aims of higher education be? We asked undergrads, grad students, and philosophy professors what they think.

Topics: Higher Education

The Ethics of Teacher Strikes

Philosopher Tony Laden explores the ethical dimensions of teachers union strikes with labor scholar Eleni Schirmer.

Topics: K-12, Teaching

Love and Teaching

Meghan Sullivan and Maria Salazar in conversation about what it means to love your students and why more philosophers should study love.

Topics: K-12, Book, Conversation, Higher Education, Philosophy, Teaching
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Navigating Educational Opportunity: The Case of Christopher Jencks

We talk with philosopher Jaime Ahlberg about navigating Christopher Jencks’s theories of educational justice.

Topics: K-12, Classroom Dilemma, Philosophy
Additional Features: Study Guide, Recommended Readings

Pedagogies of Punishment

How and why should we punish schoolchildren–if at all?

Topics: K-12, Classroom Dilemma, Educational Policy, Philosophy, Teaching

Learning from Conversation

What can we learn from conversation that we can’t learn on our own? With philosopher Agnes Callard.

Topics: Conversation, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Teaching