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The Center for Ethics and Education creates audio pieces to give faculty and students the tools to bridge philosophy and education. This audio is available for download and is intended for use in undergraduate and graduate education classes, and by anyone interested in ethics and education.

Ethics & Education Podcast:

Education for Liberation

Quentin Wheeler-Bell on the philosophy of education for liberation.

Topics: K-12, Curriculum, Higher Education

The Ethics of Doctoral Admissions

Philosopher Bryan Warnick talks to us about his paper, “The Ethics of Doctoral Admissions.” We also asked four PhD students to share their thoughts on grad school.

Topics: Article, Higher Education

Sexual Citizenship

This conversation offers a hopeful vision for the future of sex education, preventing sexual assault, and developing an empathetic understanding of young people today.

Topics: Book, Curriculum, Higher Education, Sex Education

Opting Out of Standardized Testing

UC-Boulder professor Terri Wilson discusses a case study she co-wrote on opting out of state standardized testing.

Topics: K-12, Article, Case Study
Additional Features: Study Guide

What is a Charter School?

Harry Brighouse and Grace Gecewicz talk about the history of charter schools, featuring interviews with UW-Madison education professor Erica Turner and Harvard philosopher Gina Schouten.

Topics: K-12, Article, Case Study
Additional Features: Study Guide

Ethical Costs: Higher Education and Social Mobility

UNC philosopher Jennifer Morton tells us about her book, Moving Up Without Losing Your Way: The Ethical Costs of Upward Mobility.

Topics: Book, Higher Education
Additional Features: Study Guide

The Case of the Privileged Poor

Harvard sociologist Anthony Abraham Jack discusses his book, The Privileged Poor: How Elite Colleges Are Failing Disadvantaged Students.

Topics: Book, Higher Education
Additional Features: Study Guide

Research Me-search

UW-Madison Undergraduate Research Scholar Kellen Sharp describes his experience working at the Center.

Topics: Higher Education, Student Episode

Just Teacher

Education professors Lauren Gatti and Paula McAvoy talk about their book project, Just Teacher: Ethical Thinking in the Profession of Teaching.

Topics: K-12, Book, Teaching

“Just Teacher” – on Teaching in a Pandemic (bonus episode)

Professors Lauren Gatti and Paula McAvoy discuss their book and talk about the unique challenges the Covid pandemic poses to teachers.

Topics: K-12

Good Sex Education for Good Sex

Center for Ethics and Education undergraduate assistant Grace Gecewicz makes the case for a new kind of sex education, based on her senior thesis.

Topics: K-12, Curriculum, Higher Education, Student Episode
Additional Features: Recommended Readings